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Interactive Storytelling


Tell your stories and engage your audience with simple and interactive storytelling.
Become the director of your own exciting data story. If you are planning complex infrastructures, or you want to show historic or natural relations in your city - We-Build.Stories is the perfect tool to tell engaging stories with maps and data visualizations.
Timo Lundelius

Timo Lundelius

Your personal contact partner:

phone0049 40 609430490


Soon more about We-Build.Stories.

If you have any questions, please contact: Timo Lundelius

Visualizing Communication


Enrich your analogue participation process with digital solutions. Structure ideas and create new concepts in no time - even during the event.
The We-Build.Dialogue modules are especially created to cater to the needs of organizers and moderators of participation processes. They support and facilitate all phases of the processes and can be adapted to all kinds of participation, e.g. future workshop, open space or simple voting procedures.
Solveig Schröder

Solveig Schröder

Your personal contact partner:

phone0049 40 609430490


Soon more about We-Build.Stories.

If you have any questions, please contact: Solveig Schröder

Digitalizing Urban Planning


Manage complex planning processes efficiently and faster with digital tools.
Modern and digital urban planning - clear overview, easy and legally tight. We-Build.Places software supports you in all steps of your planning process. We are now focused on urban planning, however, the software is adaptable to any desired process.
Christian Wittig

Christian Wittig

Your personal contact partner:

phone0049 40 609430495


Soon more about We-Build.Places.

If you have any questions, please contact: Christian Wittig

The We-Build.City Team

We love to simplify complex matters with our digital solutions.

Timo Lundelius

Founder and CEO

Timo worked over 7 years as an o​nline marketing, I​CT manager and spokesman at the eCommerce multi-channel retailer Globetrotter.de and studied political science at the University of Hamburg. He is an expert in data and process visualization, eCommerce and online marketing. His fields of interest are smart government, open data, digital storytelling and public participation.

Solveig Schröder

Project Manager We-Build.Dialogue

Simplifying communication about complex matters is one of Solveig’s passions. WIth her Master degree in Environmental Communication she implements her experiences gathered around the world in modern digital forms of communication. For her graduation project she investigated urban planning processes and participation in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg which inspired her to improve transparency and participation in urban planning.

Christian Wittig

Project Manager We-Build.Places

Christian is an expert in professional public decision-making and public administration. His fields of interest are urban planning, electronic government and public participation.

Rita Lundelius

Finance Consultant | Partner

Thanks to Rita the We-Build.City GmbH has a strong operative and strategic financial strategy. As a founder of the Taxat GmbH & Co. KG Rita has more than 40 years experiences of tax consulting and accountancy which she brings into the company as a partner.

Malte Hildebrand


Malte is an expert with words - written or spoken - which enriches We-Build.Stories projects. He gathered his various experiences with the Polish Radio, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg or the Rimini Protokoll. At We-Build.City he discovered his passion for data journalism.

Paula Mittrowann

Graphic Designer

Paula has an eye for objects and design which has benefitted We-Build.City in manifold ways and projects. She develops print and online material, analogue maps and information booths into attractive eye-catchers.

Tobias Kopietz

Freelance UX Consultant

Tobias is responsible for tackling the difficult task of combining content, design and usability in the most elegant way - so people love using our We-Build.City solutions. As a philosopher of UX and UI Design Tobias has worked many years in marketing, for example at Philipp und Keuntje.

Georgiys Stasyuk

Web Designer

Accessible web design which engages and inspires people - that is what the illustrator Georgiys loves to do. As a web designer at We-Build.City he not only focuses on the best designs but also on usability.

Bernd Lundelius

Business Consultant | Partner

Bernd advises the We-Build.City GmbH as a partner with his financial and communicative expertise. As a founder of the Taxat GmbH & Co. KG Bernd has more than 40 years experiences of tax consulting and accountancy.

Yasmin Ortega Quiñoenz


How communcation is working online is Yasmins field of interest. She finished her degree in Journalism and Communication Studies at the University of Hamburg. Yasmin has worked many years, for example at Spiegel Online, beebop, Edel AG and foodnav.

Sarah Lundelius

Managing Partner| Parental leave

Current tasks: Family labour & Backoffice.

Our interdisciplinary team

consists of experts in these fields:

GIS/Geoinformatics UX/UI-Design Tax Consultancy eCommerce Accountancy Process Management Data Management Public Administration Management Web Development Visualizations Online-Marketing Environmental Communication Participation Management Urban Planning

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